Initial Ordering – As Easy as 1, 2, 3 has an ordering process that is so easy, it is hard to believe it can be that easy. First things first, the student merely visits our ordering page and starts the process. We offer a series of radial boxes and input areas as well as drop down menus that the student can use to place the order. The input box is the place to put in additional material and information we might need to be aware of, like special instructions, formatting, or sources you need for the paper in question. The rest of the ordering process is just as streamlined and flows quite nicely from order to payment to order submission to writer assignment.

To place the initial order, you should definitely tell us things like the class the assignment is for, the format the teacher is requesting, and any special instructions you have received with the assignment. We need to know the academic level of complexity and the academic discipline the paper is for as well – this helps us when it comes time to assign the perfect writer to your project for completion. Along with all the latter information, you have to include the length of the paper and most importantly, don’t forget to clearly indicate the deadline you need the paper by. We advise you choose a deadline a few days before the actual deadline just to give you time to print out the body of work for submission.

Payment and Writer Assignment to Completion

Follow these final steps to finalize the ordering process:

  • Move on to process payment. Choose the payment solution that suits your needs.
  • Following payment, our writer is assigned to your task. You will be in contact with the writer, via email or telephone, to further discuss the project.
  • Our writer contacts you regularly during the project’s working. If you have questions or concerns during the project completion phase, just contact us via telephone, email, or live chat solutions. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • You check over the written body of work and request any changes you desire.
  • You receive the paper as a downloadable file for printing on or before the deadline assigned.