How to Ace Argumentative Essay?

Purpose of the assignment

Argumentative essay is the assignment that is aimed at the argumentation of a certain point of view. One can take the topic that is the most discussed today in media and talk about the main points of it.  There are many never-ending political and social debates and people will keep on talking about these issues seemingly till the end of times. Therefore, such topics can be a good choice for the writing college argumentative essays. However, more often than not, teachers ask to write about concepts and issues that are not so interesting and sometimes even dull.


So how to overcome the problem with writing of the argumentative essay? Here are some basic tips:

  • Select a topic that excites you
  • Do a research on the Internet or library
  • Learn the structure of argumentative essay
  • Write down arguments and chose the most compelling ones
  • Map out the essay prior to writing it

You can find any existing arguments related to the issue or concept. Then imagine that you are in the debate and develop your position towards it. You can only succeed in argumentative type of writing when you have a clearly stated thesis. Even if the idea in the statement is shared by many, that’s absolutely fine. You can support someone’s vision and position, as long as you find clear arguments. The support should be well-grounded; otherwise it would be a waste of ink leading to low-quality essay. Who cares about the information without any grounds and well-stated arguments, anyway?

Choose exciting topic

Having an option to choose any topic, make choice towards the most interesting and recent case. Argumentative essay task would be much easier and will be written without any problems if the topic is exciting. Writing about exciting issue or concept and proving the rightness of it is always a good option. You shouldn’t rob yourself of the opportunity to take the desired topic and present your own thoughts. Besides, you can easily find the sources to use and show a real interest to fuel the topic. All of this can help you produce a winning paper.

Get all information regarding chosen topic

Without the option to choose any topic, you should study the case on the internet, academic papers, peer reviewed articles and various theoretical materials. There are many sources of the information and you should use all of them to know the issue or concept like the back of your hand. Otherwise you can encounter large problems with presenting of your ideas. Nevertheless, the assignment should be done well as if you chose the topic. So apply all your efforts to present your thoughts directly and concisely.

Get good arguments

After the selection of the topic you should write the reasonable number of the arguments and counterarguments to show the variability of the opinions on the chosen topic. However, these arguments and counterarguments need to be convincing enough. Therefore, make sure you get the reader convinced with your arguments. You test their efficiency on your friends or peers who can give you an advice. Give them the arguments to read so that they can decide whether or not they are convincing enough.  One more good option is to read the arguments from another perspective of the situation to understand whether they are good enough or not. In preparation of the arguments you should not choose those which are not enough disputable, as you will encounter the problem of lacking of space for broad disputes.

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Submitted by Abram Smith: January 04, 2016