What Should You Talk about in Your Personal Statement?

Generally speaking, personal statement can help you fulfill a vacancy, apply to a particular institution or even get a scholarship. Given Internet and other sources of information, there are many guidelines on how to write a good personal statement. However, there is no single blueprint of the personal statement that would work brilliantly for every field of study, employer or course. Therefore, you should understand the general factors, which can serve to the acceptance of your personal statement.


Writing personal statement is comparable to writing a cover letter for your resume. It should include concrete and precisely stated reasons as to why you wish to apply for the job or the institution. The administration should be aware of all the factors that serve as a motivators to apply. It is significant since motivation is the key feature considered by admission boards. Lack of motivation and desire to work will never make a good student or worker, therefore, make sure the committee knows that you are really motivated to get the chosen position or get involved on campus.


Having written about the personal motivation factors, you should mention the educational background: theoretical, practical, as this is important for the administration to know the details of your past experiences in the chosen industry or institutions. Furthermore, one can include here the outside of the class activities, in which you have participated like the competitions, contents, social works and any kinds of challenges. All these things are important. Talking about experience in application is even more important than showcasing theoretical knowledge. Having enough theoretical background will never make good worker as the good practical background does, therefore, you should include all experience you had in the chosen field.

Transferable skills

There are skills that are not associated with the profession or career. They are called transferable. They include the good time management, risk taking, the ability to mediate the conflicts, etc. All these things are minor skills, however they are important for the applying for the work or the institution. Possession of these skills is quite important thing in the work and in the academic career as administration should understand what peculiar skills the applicant has. The main skill that is appreciated by the most representatives of the administration is the good teamwork. Mainly good teamwork is important for all activities, which are associated with the work in team.

Special skills

After stating your professional and transferable skills, it will be good idea to say about the skills that are related to the your field directly. There are some of them, which are important for certain position, for instance, managers should easily handle the conflicts within the team. All of us have certain skills, which are good to mention, so never overlook the possibility to tell about them. As such, writing the personal statement, you serve to the ultimate aim of its writing. However, this section of the personal statement should be trustworthy, as administration can check the mentioned skills and reveal the deceit. Furthermore, personal statement should be read by your teacher before the submitting it to admission board or employer. It should be truly brilliant, otherwise it will land on a rejection pile.

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Submitted by Abram Smith: January 04, 2016