Nuances of Argumentative Essay Writing


All of us have written argumentative essay few times and know that it is a hard thing to do. It has many peculiar features, such as difficult instructions, especially if the topic was assigned to you by a teacher, tons of investigation on the issue and gleaning arguments that serve to proving your position towards issue or concept. And this is the simplified version of what you have to do to in order to write a winning argumentative essay.

Argumentative essay has so many features that need to be covered. Without proper attention to the details, one cannot expect an argumentative essay to hit the mark. Furthermore, researcher should be very specific in stating the arguments as it requires concise and clear writing that is aimed at persuasion of the reader. Therefore, it should state the idea clearly to lose the impression of poorly done research.

Purpose of this assignment

Of course, your teachers have some purposes in mind when assigning this task to you.  One of the purposes of the task is encouraging students to investigate a concept or an issue that lacks of research background in the existing academic literature. However, it is not just researching of the topic. It also requires gaining additional knowledge from researchers who have investigated the same concept, as arguments should be supported with some additional sources. Such sources can form a solid ground for argumentative essay.

Gathering of information

What concerns research itself, it should cover all the aspects that are included in the topic. For writing a decent essay, use gathered information from the variety of sources. All the things supporting your point of view will be checked by the teacher. So develop a strong idea and provide your point of view that can help you to get a positive feedback. What literature can help you:

  • Journals and scientific periodicals
  • Peer reviewed articles
  • Books

Investigation of the problem

Sometimes argumentative essay requires exclusively profound investigation of an issue supporting one of the sides. And one can use such essays for getting the sufficient amount of information regarding the subject. However, it can have even little mentioning of the author’s own point of view. In case the task is written to support some claim without serious proves from the author, you should only informative text just with stating of other author’s ideas.


Brainstorming prior to writing is the right way to get the first drafts for the task. Brainstorming helps to reveal the hidden facets of the problem and to delve deeper in sides on the problem to get better understanding of the issue and take the right position.  Note that in most topics, there is no right or wrong opinion. When both of the opinions are good to go with, seek for a golden medium. However, you may choose only one that reflects your own vision of issue or concept. Having the position towards the topic, you should find and reveal all nuances of this idea and find possible pros and downsides to compare the two solutions to find out that the chosen one is better.  Counterarguments are also good to refer to, as they increase the credibility of the paper. However, one should develop own position to make it stronger than the counterarguments. Otherwise, your teacher will remain with the impression that you are not sure of your final position and not capable of expressing own ideas.

The ultimate result of the writing argumentative essay is swaying some people to believe in the stated opinion through the understanding of all arguments and other claims that are provided to support some position.

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Submitted by Abram Smith: January 04, 2016