Personal Statement, a Time-Consuming Assignment

There are many assignments, which are bothering students starting from the school years to the university ones. Some of them are really hard like the dissertations, which require enormous amounts of time, one more thing is the personal statement that is quite important for application for the new institution.

However, it is also checked by a teacher to indicate the quality and style of the writing. So. one should make this assignment brilliant. Firstly, it is vital if you want to enter a new institution and continue own academic career as a teacher. Personal statement means writing relevant information about the applicant and his peculiar qualities, experience, knowledge and other features, which can differentiate him/her from the others.

Requirements for writing personal assignment

To write this assignment, one should understand the requirements that should be met to succeed in this writing. There are few things that should be included.


First one is the explanation of the reasons for applying to the chosen institution. Mainly, it is the motivation section, where you need to explain what things motivate you to apply. Here you should include your personal motives and benefits from the studying in some other institutions.

There are many of them, and including all of them can be quite a wise decision. As a teacher, you should know why you want to get this job (if the application is written for the job offer).  Considering the quality of your writing, you should write as clearly as possible.


Out class activities

Next step is writing about the activities , which you have outside your classroom. It means you can include activities like sports contests, hobbies, etc. They will be quite a good support for your set of skills. They will be a great addition to your skills of the problem solving and the wish of self-development.

Focused writing

Writing of something that is about sports, having the math class and wanting to apply to similar class in another institution is a bad idea. All writing in the personal statement should be relevant to the topic and classes, which are carried out in the current institution. Maybe you had math challenges, which you won. You can include this information in the personal statement. It would be a good part of it. Don’t write about something abstract.

Positive features

Personal statement is the writing that involves the understanding of the main features, which were the forcing factors for you to apply to some institution and the same factors for administration to accept your request. Therefore, one should include as many as possible, positive qualities, special experience feature and skills.

Furthermore, underlining the professional skills can be a good idea to apply for some job or the course. Having the experience in the management, you should include all the cases, when you worked as a manager. Even when you failed the activities, you should tell about this experience as the administration will know that you have tried this activity and probably know how it works.

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Submitted by Abram Smith: January 04, 2016