A Research Proposal and Its Importance

Why is it needed?

A research proposal is quite a tricky thing. It requires writing a clear and understandable paper that is aimed at the introduction of the new topic to the scientific community and getting a grant for the further research. One can take many tries writing the research proposal without any positive results as people involved in checking the paper are highly educated and experienced in the chosen topic and can easily define the level of readiness for the actual scientific work. A bad research proposal will never do. It should be brilliant. However, there are some cornerstones that you need to take into consideration if you want to succeed.


Reasons to write research proposal

The first task when writing a research proposal is convincing a scientific community that there are important values in your writing.

  • First of all, it is the ability to analyze and find the good materials for the paper. This is a quite important issue as community checks the sources, which were applied in the paper for the good ideas and well-grounded arguments. Without this skill, writing of your research proposal is useless.
  • The second ability is the presentation of your own arguments that should be good enough to ensure the understanding of the material. Furthermore, they should be clear enough to touch only some feature of the topic as one argument cannot work for the whole subject.

Be concise

Good scientific ethics, the mono-semantic wording without ambiguities and misuse of the literary language. A professional research proposal should include only facts regarding the research and the interesting claims, which will support the facts. One more good feature considering the research ethic is the application of the good sources that will be a substantial part of the assignment as it requires someone’s ideas and insights. Without them, the creation of the good paper is impossible as it should include someone’s approved thoughts.

Thinking of tasks, all the students have to write a research proposal, there are some of them, which are presented below:

Scientific problem identification

Firstly, you should identify a scientific problem, its importance, and its relevance to the world issues.

Theoretical background

The second feature is the creation of the theoretical background that is quite important for the writing of almost all tasks. You should gather some info from other sources that are rich in interesting facts, new insights and even good ideas for the writing of your own paper. However, one should wisely include them into the paper.

Good time management

The time that is given to complete the task helps the community understand whether you can make some research within the given timeframe without serious misconducts in your paper. A research proposal is not the raw draft of the research. It is a complete part of the paper that includes the main claims, facts, and review of the used references, which will be the foundation of your further paper.

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Submitted by Abram Smith: January 04, 2016