A Research Proposal and Its Writing

A research proposal is a tricky challenge for the student. Furthermore, it requires much time to make a good proposal and to state clearly important facts and arguments. A research proposal is a really extensive task that is the part of the most work-intensive assignments in the academic practice. However, it can be easily done with the following of the effective structure and understanding the needs of the teacher. There are some of them, and you should take them into account during the writing of the task.


Title page

Firstly one should write good title page that is the start of the paper and the easiest part of the assignment. It should include some personal data, the title of the research proposal and the other data regarding the paper.

Creation of title

Creation of title can be a tricky thing as it will be the main topic of the paper. To write the title just after the writing of the proposal can be a good decision. Brainstorming, creating the arguments can help come up with a general idea of the paper. You should create an approximate title as the teachers should know whether you are on the right track or you have chosen the wrong topic for analysis. Finally, you will get a good title that will suit the task and its requirements.

Managing the time for the assignment

After the creation of the title, one should think of the time that is required for the task completion. Some people think that writing of a research proposal is an easy thing, and it can be done within few days as it is not the research. It is only a proposal. However, in fact, it requires much more time as one should study many resources, learn the main arguments that are available and develop a strong text relevant to the chosen topic. Otherwise, a proposal will be poor, and your academic career can be doomed.

Therefore, you should think twice of the deadline and better decision to estimate time with some ample to have time for this. Missing the deadline is a strict violation of the rules and can even lead to the decreasing of the mark. Therefore, one should clearly estimate how much time is needed to paper itself and how much can be required for the editing and making some corrections to the paper as raw version, even of the research proposal will never lead to good feedbacks.


After the title comes the summary or the thesis statement of the project, this part introduces the main arguments of the paper and claims your position, so here you should include the main facts, which are supporting idea in the paper. This part is a summary of the paper. Many authors write this part of the paper even before the other parts. Meaning that you can investigate the main arguments and further writing will be based on them.

Literature review

Then one should include the review of the literature. This part is quite hard as it requires the reading of the books and their understanding. So, this part is the hardest one. Mostly these are the most important of the research proposal, and you should make them before the writing of the whole paper as they involve the main idea of the proposal and sources that are used.

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Submitted by Abram Smith: January 04, 2016