How to Get a Good Grade for Your Argumentative Essay?

What do you need for effective essay writing?

There are many features, which are important for essay writing. Some of them are important and have a really great impact on the final grade that you will get for the assignment. Some of them are minor and can also affect the personal reflection of the tutor.

Indeed, the structure of the assignment is one of the features that should be polished and followed brilliantly. Otherwise, you can expect the problems. You should understand that the structure means proper writing of the assignment and its good processing.


Title creation

The first part of the structure is the creation of the title. The title is really important part of the assignment. It affects the reflection of the instructor towards the paper and can even result in the increasing of the grade if made good. However, many students disrespect the title, thinking that they can just use the short explanation of the topic, and it will do. Sure, it will. However, it will not affect the paper seriously, and one can get benefits even from this one.

You need to make an original and creative title. It will hook the reader and will make him read the essay. He will want to read it to the end. It is a good feature that all teachers see, and they understand how tried the writer to create such effect.  A good and catchy title works as the preview about the paper. It tells what will paper cover and what issues will be discussed and debated.

There are many titles that consist of two parts. They are separated by a colon. You can even use some kind of the pun or the effective stylistic figures to attract the reader. The second part of the title is dedicated to the summing up the whole assignment and providing the details about the main argument. The title is something that divides the reader from the reading of the introduction. One should catch the attention of the reader as without a good personal attitude one can get problems with the objective check of the paper.

Introduction and thesis statement

The main part of the introduction is the thesis statement. And we can say that it is the main part of the assignment as It requires the writing of the whole idea of the paper, whole arguments should be shown here. A thesis statement is the most concise argument of the paper. It will tell the reader about the position of the author and his/her thoughts regarding the case of the problem. Having the main idea of the paper, the reader can easily understand all the content of the whole paper.

Therefore, it is an important part that introduces the main ideas of the argumentative essay. There are many features that a thesis statement should include. However, what should be included in all essays? A nice paper should contain clear and processed arguments supporting the main idea. At the end of the thesis statement, you can write few counterarguments.

Writing the paper

Writing the whole paper is a quite hard thing. However, it will require from you the mentioning of the main arguments, their grounding with the other sources and the usage of the reliable ideas, which can persuade someone that you are right.

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Submitted by Abram Smith: January 04, 2016