Why Each Essay Requires Thesis Statement

There are many parts of the assignments that are typical and students should know how to write them. The golden rule is, thesis statement should be written concisely and grab reader’s attention. It is like the trailer for the movie: after reading the thesis statement one should burn with desire to read the entire article. Otherwise it is just wasting of symbols.


Making thesis statement interesting

While creating your thesis statement, you should do the same as the film trailers makers do – present the ideas and the main points which are used in the paper. They should be included in the short and clearly stated single sentence. All points, thoughts, positions and arguments need to be at least partly included. Highlighting such things can enhance reader’s attention to the issue or concept.

Thesis statement as the lighthouse

Without the good lighthouse ships cannot find the path to the dock. Well-constructed thesis serves as the lighthouse for readers to be familiar with the paper and understand the availability of interesting content in the paper. Reading thesis statement, reader should instantly understand what the whole paper is written about and what the main emphasis in the article is on.

Thesis statement should be written in the introduction part of the paper. As such, the writer can blaze the path to writing further content in the article and to keep on the right track of the paper. Returning back to the thesis sentence, the author can easily refrain from getting lost in own writing and ideas written in the text. All of us can come up with new ideas in the course of writing papers, so you should be prepared to update your thesis statement with new ideas which were introduced in the paper.

Persuading by thesis statement

Thesis statement is important because it reflects the main idea of the paper. Reading the paper, your teacher can think “What a well-written thesis statement!” Apparently, you want to make the readers think in such a way. Well, it only requires writing of the hooking and interesting content that will amaze the reader with good ideas and ground-breaking arguments. On top of that, you should be creative while writing the thesis statement.

Features of thesis statement:

  • Firstly thesis statement should be concise and focused. Too broad thesis statement is deemed as low-quality piece of writing. It will never attract readers.
  • There are many examples when the thesis statement is poorly written. For instance: “ Consuming fast food is unhealthy and people should avoid eating it.” It’s not the best thesis statement since it has no clear statement of the problem. It is not debatable and cannot attract the reader. It is just the piece of thought without any features of the statement.
  • Good thesis statement can include such lines: “Consumption of the fast food in America is quite high. Americans should reduce the consumption of it, as it leads to health issues such as obesity, diabetes, even heart diseases.” You may not be specific with examples or evidence; however, you should include the main and concrete idea to avoid misunderstanding.

Thesis statement is good part of the assignment to start with, as it can help to write the rest of the task without any problems. So before embarking on any essay, do some brainstorming to create a winning thesis sentence.

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Submitted by Abram Smith: January 04, 2016