Why Argumentative Essay Is so Hard to Write?

Students face all sorts of problems with the writing collegiate essays. Some essays are quite easy like descriptive, which are aimed at telling about the details of concept, or the reflection essay that is also deemed easy as it requires the personal opinion.

However, there are essays that are much harder to write such as argumentative essays. These essays must contain evidence and arguments on the concept or issue you write about. You could write the most part of the paper based on your thoughts; however, it requires deep understanding of the format and writing of such essays. Here are some basic points you need to consider before writing essays of this kind.


What is the argumentative essay?

This kind of essay writing is aimed at the creation of arguments and proving it by all means.

Argumentative essay develops useful skills:

  • conducting ethical debates, which are grounded by good arguments,
  • searching for balance between different opinions
  • supporting of an idea that is considered to be true

Argumentative essay should encompass evidences that you can present by your own investigations or using someone’s surveys and research. However these claims should be well-grounded and based on the good evidences, otherwise the argumentative essay will be considered to be poor.  This essay is used to persuade the reader to believe in the rightness of the point of view of the author. Therefore, it should cover all facets of the problem which can arise. The essay should be valid and clear to precisely render the idea and the personal opinion on the topic.

Purpose of assignment

Students should clearly understand the purpose of this assignment, so one can write following the main aim of it and support the arguments with credible facts. Argumentative essay has many reasons to be written and the main one is to help you learn the ways and main techniques of proving own point of view and supporting a thesis statement. The entire task is meant to lead the readers’ thought from the claiming of the problem, variety of the opinions, which exist the main controversies related to it. With the help of the arguments, author takes a position towards the problem solving and leads the reader to the conclusion.


It is worth mentioning that argumentative essays have a clear structure. Apart from the commonly accepted parts of every essay, such as introduction, main body and conclusion, argumentative essay should have:

  • clear and precisely stated thesis sentence
  • Strong and compelling arguments to support it
  • Well-written paragraphs with logical transition between them
  • Evidential support


Well-stated arguments are a significant part of the argumentative essay, however, it should also include faultless grammar and clearly presented information as it should be concise and monosemantic, otherwise, the essay can be understood in the wrong way that can lead to failing to prove the purpose of the assignment. Therefore, before submitting your paper, one should check and double check it for the grammar and other means that are related to the expression of your thoughts.

Argumentative essay can be easily written if student follows the standard recommendation. It can have various demands to the quality and style as teachers and requirements are different. Just keep the recommendations and formula of a good argumentative essay in mind while writing it, so that your tutor is satisfied.

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Submitted by Abram Smith: January 04, 2016